Talents are treasures; develop them.

What is your most valuable treasure?  Is it your diamonds, jewels or bank deposits?

Have you ever thought of the hidden treasures inside you?  I am speaking about your talents. Talents when properly utlised will enable you to amass wealth and earn name and fame.


Talent is an in born quality within a person that helps him to achieve greater heights in life. Spark of talent will enable one to create wonders in own life and bring happiness for others. Talent is a gift hidden by the creator in each person and it is the responsibility of the person to fine tune the talents and skills and make them perfect.

Talents can be mainly classified under four categories: intellectual, cultural, physical and humane. Intellectual talent may be defined as talent where application of brain is involved.  For example, an intellectually talented person may have better skills in science or mathematics. Cultural talents denote the ability of a person to sing, dance, write, draw or perform similar activities. Athletes and sports persons   possess physical talents.


We are thus familiar with the first three categories of talents. But whether those persons who do not have skills to sing, dance or shine in sports are less talented?

The progress or well being of any society depends on love, sharing, compassion and concern. Here is the importance of humane talents. The one who cultivate healthy relations is talented like a person who sings well. A person who is admired for his compassion and concern is equivalent to a champion in sports. A helping hand is as beautiful as  a melodious song. A person who discharges his duties with dedication and commitment  is in fact drawing a beautiful picture through his deeds.

Identifying own talents and fine tuning them for own satisfaction and well being of society, is our responsibility. Let us make the world a better place by perfecting the hidden gifts. 

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