Talents are to be displayed- Thought 4 Children

Jamie loved to play the piano, but she only did so when she was alone. She was very talented, but she was very shy, so whenever she knew that someone was around, she would not play. Her Grandmother had a piano forte in the attic, so every chance Jamie got, she could be heard playing it, but only by her parents. Several times they would ask her to play at church, but she would always tell them that she did not  want to and that she did not  think that she was good enough to play at church in front of so many persons. She never took piano lessons, but she played so well no one would ever believe. Her talent remained hidden. 


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One day Jamie’s parents decided that they would find a way to get other persons to hear her playing the piano without her knowing it. That way she would finally realise how good she was and would start playing for other persons. Every time that her parents came home they would hear her playing so they knew that she would play once she figured she was alone. So, one day they went out, but this time to call a few friends and neighbours. They would all sneak back into the house through the back gate and quietly tip toe to the attic. They all did this about a half an hour after they left the house, and they could hear music coming from upstairs. Everyone was pleasantly surprised because even though her parents kept talking about it, they had never heard for themselves. They stood outside the door of the attic listening to her playing, until finally her mother opened the door. Everyone started cheering and Jamie began to blush. She ran away because she was surprised that they were listening to her, but she felt better when she realised that they had liked her playing.


The neighbours went away, but each time they saw her, they would tell her how wonderfully she played the piano. She began to feel confident about it so much so the next time her parents asked her to, she agreed to play at church. When she did, she knew she would be playing for other people for a long time to come.


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Talent / wealth / accomplishments are worth nothing if they go unused or unheard. The best part about them is their ability to be shared with others.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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