Don’t be adventurous while take decisions.

Ben always liked a good mystery and he was very adventurous. He would always go playing in the woods close to his house. He would jump over rocks and wade in the stream and chase insects all about the woods. One day he happened to come upon a tree house that seemed abandoned. He felt very excited about his discovery that he ran back and told all his friends about it. They loved the idea and thought they could make the tree house into their personal club house.


decision 5


The following day they were all to go to the tree house but Ben was so anxious he could not wait. He went ahead of everyone else and decided to start climbing the tree. When he was mid way up, he realised that he would need a vine to assist him in getting into the tree house, but luckily there was one close by. He wrapped it around his hands and used it to give him a boost. As he was lifting his leg off the last rung of the ladder, the wood broke and fell to the ground. Not realising, he let go of the vine as well and it swung away and now dangled from mid air. Ben realised with a fright that there was no way for him to get out of the tree house.


decision 6


He was there for about an hour before the other boys came; it took them a while to get there because they did not know where it was. Ben told them about his sad state and some of the boys laughed at him. They tried several ways to get him down, but when they all failed, they decided that one of them would go back to his house and get his father. While two of the boys went back, one remained, in support of Ben. By the time, he was brought down, he had a learnt a lesson.


decision 7

Do not make decisions to do anything until you have thought it all the way through and are aware of the consequences.

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