Strength lies in character.

Many a times it has seemed like the person who has the power,

Is usually the one that is the biggest.

Strength or power is not found in muscles,

But in character.


There is nothing wrong with backing down,

And walking away from a fight.

Fear is what creates bullies-

If they don’t want anyone to tease them,

Then they do the teasing first.

They are but weaklings in giant costumes.


Measure not your weight by the figures you see on a scale,

Or by how many weights you can lift;

Measure your weight by the strength of your character.



character 2


More from  , the complete site for children.


Express your emotions

It just may be a smoke signal for the good coming your way.

Always be happy to take calculated risks.

At times I am a guide horse

One step at a time makes it happen.


  1. By Lissy P


  2. By Dubey


  3. By Ankit C A


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