Stay away from dangerous activities- Thought 4 Children

Dante loved to run around and play dangerously, and he was always caught playing with sticks, stones and sometimes even matches. No matter how much the adults would take them from him, or punish him, he would still insist on using them. He was always told that he should not play with them because he could hurt himself or others. But Dante never listened.


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One day he was playing outside with some other children, and they were running around using sticks. See, Dante was not the only boy who loved to play with dangerous things, and so they kept dancing back and forth with the sticks pretending that they were soldiers at war, fighting with swords. They kept jabbing at each other, until someone started crying that the stick had scraped his arm. When they stopped, they realised that it was bleeding, but they told him to be quiet before a grown up could hear them. It was getting dark anyway, so they had to quit playing.



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One scratch was not enough to stop any of the boys, for as soon as they left school the following day, they were up to the same mischief again. They started climbing a nearby tree and hanging off, pretending this time to be monkeys. One boy was afraid to climb because he was afraid of heights so he stayed on the ground and watched as they climbed to the top branch. Dante was swinging from one of branches when they heard a cracking sound, and the branch broke. He fell to the ground and immediately screamed in pain. He had fallen on his side and he was in pain. The others quickly climbed down from the tree but they were unable to help him. One of the boys ran to his home to get his Father. When they came back he was still on the ground, and Dante’s father had to take him home. A doctor had to be called and it was discovered that he had fractured his hip, so he would not be able to move around for a while. His parents scolded him because he did not listen, but they didn’t think it necessary to punish him anymore. They felt he had had enough.


 If you engage yourself in dangerous activities, then you should expect to reap bad consequences-if you play with fire, be prepared to get burned.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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