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No one knew for sure where Sonya lived; she was never seen going to school and whenever the other children asked where she lived, she would tell them it was a long way from school, so she didn’t think that they should wait on her. Whenever any of the children who lived in the city offered her a ride home, she would tell them she had to make a stop first. She would pretend to walk in the direction of the city where all the fancy houses were, and then wait by a clump of trees until everyone was gone. Then she would turn around and head back in the direction of where she really lived-a small village a half mile away.





Every day that she got home she would feel sad that she had to come there every day. She wanted to live in the city and live a fancy life like the rest of her other friends at school. Her mother would see how sad she looked and would ask her why, but she never told her. Soon, there was going to be a party being held at the school at the end of the school term. Sonya wanted to go but she knew that her mother would not be able to afford a nice outfit for her. One day after school, she went into the city with some of the girls to choose dresses for the party. While they were fitting outfits, Sonya walked around and saw a really nice dress. She checked the tag, but she didn’t have to; there was no way she could afford that. She looked if anyone was seeing her and quickly stuffed the dress into her bag and hurriedly went back to where her friends were. After they cashed what they bought and were leaving a loud noise was heard and suddenly some security guards came over to them. They started searching them to find what they had stolen-the sound only went off if the tag was still on the item.



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Everyone started complaining that they bought their dresses. Finally they searched Sonya’s bag and found the missing dress. Everyone was shocked. The store clerk had to call her Mother to come get her after the other girls had left. Mother was so disappointed in Sonya she cried. Sonya felt terrible as she went home. When she went to school the following day, her friends had told everyone about the event at the store. They all laughed at her and she stayed alone all day. Even though the party was coming up, she would not be going anymore.



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The only person you can be is yourself. Everyone is different-do not try to fit in and be a part of the crowd. Be yourself and stand out instead.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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