Spectre: Get ready for the next James Bond film

It is official now. Spectre is the title of the 24th James Bond film. The name was announced yesterday by the Director Sam Mendes. Eon productions produces the film.  The film release in UK is planned  on 23rd October 2015. Spectre is the name of the global terrorist organization introduced by Ian Fleming, first in his 1961 novel Thunderball.

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The amazing list of castings includes prominent names such as Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Rory Kinnear, Monica Bellucci, Andrew Scott and Dave Bautista. For Daniel Craig, Spectre is  his fourth Bond film.  Christoph Waltz, the Austrian actor has double Oscar wins to his credit.  In Spectre, Bond will be driving a new Aston Martin DB10 exclusively for the movie, and the same was also unvieled in the function. 

The James Bond Film series is based on the series of spy books by Ian Fleming. The fictional character James Bond is a British Secret agent working for  M16 and is code named 007. So far 23 films have been produced in the series by Eon productions starting from the 1962 Dr. No. The series has amassed over $ 6,000 million and occupies the third position in the list of gross collections after Harry Potter series and Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Seven actors have portrayed the lead role of  James Bond  in the Eon films and the latest being Daniel Craig. Others are  Sean Connery, Woody Allen, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton andPierce Brosnan.  

The Eon productions produced 24 Bond films, including Spectre. It is interesting to note that since the launch of the first Bond film, Dr. No, Eon has produced only one film, Me Bwana,  that was not part of the Bond series. In addition to the above 24 films, there are four more Bond films.  Now, Eon holds the entire right on the Bond novels.


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