Space is a beautiful place-Scientists and Comets

Mankind has always wondered about space and how many galaxies are there; how many other life forms may exist besides what is on planet Earth. Some scientists believe they can figure out a lot of information just by studying space. That is why, they decided to try and figure out the composition of comets (what they are made of). Comets are believed to be fast moving space objects made up of rock and ice. Since comets have remained physically unchanged for millions of years, they believe they can reveal things of interest about the Universe in general.


Scientists a3nd Comets


It is believed that several years ago, when comets crashed on the earth, they caused several disasters, and that if scientists are able to determine what comets are made of, then they can prevent any such disasters from happening again. Talk about ambition.


Scientists and Comets


The Rosetta probe, belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA) was sent into space to track comet 67P. This probe has been in hibernation for 3 years because it was deliberately powered down to save battery so that it could make the long trip. Months before it came into contact with the comet, it powered up again, giving renewed hope to scientists who had all but given up on receiving any feed from the probe. The  mission of the probe was to drop landing device on the surface of the comet that would collect samples and investigate them and send back information to Earth.


Scientists and Comets1


 I am not a scientist, so I will not assume how they will use this information to protect us from future comet crashes, but  I sure hope they are right and that they do. Space is a beautiful place, but it has its nightmares too.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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