Sometimes being coward is bravery in disguise

How many times have you  walked away from a fight? How many times have you  gotten involved in one and lost? How many times have you won? It has not occurred to us as often as it should that conflicts can be solved in far easier ways than through physical means. The least popular way is to walk away from it. Walking away doesn’t make you a coward (and even if you are being a coward, then you would have saved a couple of teeth or some bruises by doing so). Being brave doesn’t mean picking fights you know you can win, or never backing down. And walking away doesn’t make you a coward; if anything it makes you smart.


Sometimes being coward is bravery in disguise



Let’s use a scenario for this: imagine you are walking down the street and someone walks up to you and shoves you. You turn around and realise that it is some kid from school whose drink you had spilled during lunch earlier. He is angry and wants to confront you now, perhaps beat you silly for your actions. Now there are many ways this conflict can be resolved. Always remember that “a soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stir up anger.” If you were simply to apologise (perhaps because that is the right thing to do since you had been wrong earlier, albeit it may have been an accident), then he may calm down and walk away. If you get angry too then that could result in a fight you may or may not lose (but then there is always the added nonsense of the reason for the fight in the first place).


Sometimes being coward


Maybe if you remain calm and apologise, he may still decide to fight, because some persons only know that method of resolving conflict. If he gets violent, then there is just cause to defend yourself against him. See, there will be times when you just have to fight to protect your beliefs. You must always stand up for yourself, but not at the price of someone else. Bravery requires a little bit of coward, and sometimes being coward is actually bravery in disguise.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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