Sometimes it is best to sit back and watch

Whenever the children met together at school, especially when classes were over, they would find some mischief to do. But there was one child in particular who was always louder, stronger and taller than the rest so he would often be looked upon as the leader of the group. He was what you would call a bully, but the other boys were just as mean. Varun would send the boys to take away the children’s lunches or money just so he would not have to spend his own. Whenever he was in class, he would sit at the back and throw paper bombs at the other smaller children. He was not liked by anyone at all. Even the boys that did the things he asked for only did so out of fear.


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One day, a new boy came to school. He was taller than Varun but he was very slim. Varun thought that he would test him and see if he could get away with bullying him too. When it was lunch time, all the children gathered around and watched quietly as Varun walked over to the boy and took away his lunch. The boy just sat there, and took an apple from his bag and ate that instead. Varun and his boys laughed at him, but some of the other children felt sorry for him. For the rest of the week, Varun would personally visit the new boy and take away his stuff.


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One day something happened that no one expected. Varun went over as usual to take up the boy’s lunch. This time the boy held onto his hand and pinned it to the table. Everyone was surprised because no one had ever stood up to Varun before. The boy told him that he was not going to take any bullying from him again. Varun started to struggle and raised the other hand to fight him off but the boy held that too and squeezed his fists until Varun fell to the ground in pain. Varun never bothered another child again, not as long as he could see the new boy around.


There is nothing wrong with backing down. Being a bully does not make you strong, or wise. Sometimes it is best to sit back and watch. There are many lessons that can be taught through humility.


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