Smartphone innovations and trends: 2015 and beyond

Smartphones are clear indications of the influence  technology has on  our way of  thinking and living. If we have to point out one segment which is totally reshaped  by technology, all of us will point towards wireless communication. The speed of innovation and level of competition that have been taking place in this segment has pushed the methods of wireless communication beyond boundaries.  We are now living in an era in which a brand new smartphone, purchased today becomes obsolete by the time we come out of the shop. 

Whether the trend is likely to continue in 2015?  Yes, if indications are to be believed. What are the imminent trends in the field? Let us have a look. 

Smartphones: Better processors are on the way



Processor is the brain of any smartphone. There are many smartphone brands in the market, but you will be surprised to know that almost all brands are powered by the Snapdragon system On Chip (SoC) by Qualcomm. SoC decides what can be done on a smartphone.  Qualcomm Inc is a global leader in wireless telecommunication products and services. The headquarters of the company is  Sandiego, USA. Snapdragon is the family of  chips introduced by Qualcomm which is used as platform in majority of  tablets and smartphones. The major exception is  iPhones, which is powered by  chips by Apple.  Snapdragon 810 with lot of new features , intended to be launched in early 2015 by Qualcomm is expected to redefine customer expectations and customer experience.  This will compete directly with A8 of Apple. 

Smartphone: All in one

Carry a smartphone, do away with laptop, PC and Gaming Console. This can be expected as the slogan for 2015 by smartphone companies. At present itself, the computing power of a smartphone  is higher than that of a medium segment home PC.  Coupled with the improved Bluetooth and wi-fi technologies, the smartphone itself carrying out the duties of a home PC along with a wireless key board and mouse is not far away. 

Smartphone: Shopping and Holiday planner

According to researchers, more than 2 billion mobile users will carry out a mobile transaction by the end of 2017.  Mobile shopping, holiday planning, banking and airline ticket booking will shift to smartphones from the laptops and Pcs.  .  A new payment system ApplePay was released recently by Apple. Samsung is planning to launch its own payment system to grab a share of the market. Innovations in the field will redefine the entire banking and payment system too in short term.  

Smartphone: Marketing Trends

Latest technologies will identify the exact whereabout of the smartphone user. Identification of exact location of the user will enable service providers to guide the customer with  information on about popular events taking place in the area, discount offers,  tourist spots and dining locations  by providing area specific maps with minute details 

Smartphone: New Launches 


No article on smartphone can be complete without a mention on the new launches. Here are they:

iPhone 7
Blackberry Odyssey
HTC One(M9)
Samsung Galaxy S6
Microsoft Lumia “Spinner Phone”
Sony Xperia Z4, Z4 Compact & Z4 Ultra. 

2014 was a good year for both smartphone manufacturers and users. As users become more reliant on their smartphones, designers must thrive to live beyond the customer  expectations. Year 2015 and beyond will see direct fight between the customer demands and expectations and the efforts of the designers  to outlive  the expectations. 



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