Small acts of Kindness

Simple but small…they really create a lovely feeling for the person who receives it. Yes, the possibilities for small acts of kindness are endless. If we try to practice it regularly, it will create a positive feeling in us too…


Open the door for someone with his or her arms full.
Call someone who has not been feeling well.
Teach a child or your friend to play a new game.
Send a thank you card to someone who provides a service for you.
Read a story to a small child.
Smile at the next person you see.
Wish an elder person.
Say hi to your watchman.
Tell someone that they are doing a fantastic job.
Say a prayer for someone in need.


Small acts of kindness speak in loud voices. They say `I care, I am concerned, I respect you as a person, and I want to share joy with you!` Today, give someone a smile by performing a small act of kindness. By giving a smile, you will create two smiles, one for the other person and one for you..!

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