Show your interest through actions.

How many times have you ever heard that someone is interested in something? How are you able to tell that someone is interested in something? Perhaps they told you so, or maybe you saw them express the interest. Either way, some action had to come from the person who is interested in something for others to know about it. In other words, interest shows action.


It would be pointless to say “I am interested in football and I want to play for the country ” but then you never do any practice. It would make no sense to say “I am curious about what is showing on the television tonight”, but then you never do turn on the television, so you never get to find out. It is one thing to say you are interested in something, but it is practically wasted if you never act on it.




Now there may be reasons why you never really get to act on your interests; maybe you are a shy sort of person, so you feel nervous to approach the coach. In the other example, may be you were so tired you fell asleep before you got a chance to turn on the television, or you were so busy that you forgot. For all the interests that you have, if you never get to express them, then you could lose out on an opportunity. The coach might have said no, or could have said yes, but you will never know unless you ask, and it is a terrible thing to live thinking what if you had asked. There might have been a special program on television that will never be aired again that you missed because you fell asleep or forgot.


It is practically impossible to act on every interest that you may have, but as far as you are able, show how interested you are by acting on all the one’s that you can. Sure you may be interested in going to the moon, and it might or it might not happen, but if you aim for the moon, you might  catch a star instead.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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