Be sensitive to the feelings of others.

Pammy was not a mean child, nor was she a bad friend, but some of the times, she could be harsh with her words. If she thought someone was unkind, she would just blurt it out. She blurted things out a lot, and never stopped to think of what the other person might be feeling. She made it hard to be around her because no one knew when she would next blurt something out, or against whom.


A typical day at school would start with Pammy pointing out how big Liam’s nose was, or how fat Karl was. At lunch she would complain to the lunch lady that the food was too salty, or that it tasted funny. She would even blurt out in class how boring the teacher was. She would usually get punished for this, but it didn’t stop Pammy. It was as if Pammy just could not keep quiet.


The teacher realised that if she continued like that, she would not be liked at all, so she decided that she would teach her a harsh lesson. She called all the students together one evening after school, all except for Pammy. She handed them pieces of papers and written on them were unkind words. She told them that next day in class, she was going to ask them to say those words whenever she asked for the class to describe Pammy.


The next day, Pammy had just finished calling a class mate freckle face when the teacher walked in. She told them that she was going to play a game. She was going to call the name of a student, and then they would all try and describe the person. Around the class the teacher went, calling other students names, until she called Pammy’s name. As soon as she did, hands flew up instantly, and they all started describing her as mean, selfish, skinny and ugly. Pammy felt so bad that the others thought of her that way. She had always been teasing others but now that it had come back to her, she didn’t like the feeling.


The teacher then pointed out that they should all respect each others’ feelings, even if they didn’t always agree. She looked at Pammy, and based on her reaction and how quiet she was, she knew she had learnt her lesson.


Be sensitive to the feelings of others. Just remember, if it makes you feel bad, then chances are, others will feel the same way.



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