Self conceit is not attractive, on anyone

Linda loved to look in the mirror and admire herself. She thought she was the prettiest girl in school and she was not shy in telling this to anyone. She would compare herself to others and would often times comment on who she thought was ugly, or who was too short, or whose hair was a mess. She felt that she was perfect and the way the boys followed her around, she felt like royalty too.


One day Linda woke up and spotted a big red pimple on her forehead. She was shocked at this and vowed that she would not be going outside unless it was gone. She tried using face cream, but that did not help and only caused the pimple to start itching. She asked her parents to please not let her go to school in that condition, but they told her that having a pimple was not a good reason to be absent from school; children get them all the time because it was a part of the growing up process.


conceit 2


Linda did not  care what her parents thought; she was not going to school looking like that. She snuck some of her mother’s medicated wipes into her back pack and some makeup cream as well. When they dropped her off, she would hide in the bathroom and cover the pimple. When she got to school, Linda hid in the bathroom and used the wipes to clean her face thoroughly and then dabbed some cream on the pimple. She checked the mirror and realised that the spot was almost completely invisible. She felt better and then left the bathroom.


conceit 1


In class, she wondered why all the children were staring at her that way. She thought they must all recognise by now how pretty she was. She was about to toss her head back and show off, when she heard snickering; not only were they looking at her, they were also laughing now. When she asked the matter, one girl asked her what was wrong with her face. She dashed to the bathroom, only to discover that her face was now covered in red spots. She was now shy to leave the bathroom, but she had to since the class teacher knew where to find her. She dragged her back to class, even while the other children laughed at her.


Self conceit is not attractive, on anyone. Looks are fickle and can easily change like time.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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Always save on the days you have plenty.

If you cannot do a better job, stop pointing out flaws of others.

Be careful of our envy.

If you expect goodness, give it to others first.

Misbehaving may land you in trouble.


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