Secret to peaceful life-Think,Act&Win

The secret to a peaceful life sometimes,

Is knowing which battles to fight,

And which to walk away from.


peaceful life 1


There are many who will attempt to force you

Into doing things you are set against;

They will mock and jeer you into responding,

But when others pick a fight,

It is always best to walk away,

For there is no shame in that;

It takes maturity to look a fight in the face and walk away,

For sometimes they are not worthy of the energy.


peaceful life 2


However, there will be times,

When the fight must go on, when you must stand up for yourself,

And declare yourself strong,

In embracing a war for a worthy cause.


Defend yourself if needs be,

But for all the unnecessary battles,

It is best to just walk away.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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