Be responsible – Take responsibility for your actions

“She made me do it.”


How many times have you ever heard someone speak those words…“I didn’t want to, but he caused me to do it?” We are all individuals in our own rights and should have no reason to speak anything of the sort. We are responsible for our own actions and it doesn’t matter what anyone will say, or what they will do to influence your action, that is all they can do-influence it. What you decide to do is strictly up to you.




If someone keeps tossing paper bombs at you in class, and you eventually get mad and toss one back, then that decision was entirely yours. Should the teacher see just you alone, then you could be punished because you did that, not the bully. If your defence is “he started it”, then the teacher can always point out that you did not have to finish it. You could have chosen to report him for being a nuisance, but instead you chose to become the very thing that was annoying you.


responsible 1


We all have just one life to live, and it is useless to waste it blaming others for the things that we have done. It is about time to take responsibility for your actions. There are many things that influence our actions, both good and bad, and it is often easier to make the bad decisions than the good. Take the time to know the difference, and make the decisions that will create a wholly acceptable person.


Beginning today I am responsible for my own happiness and I will do things that make me happy,

Study well,

Respect elders and teachers,

Be punctual, 

Admire the beautiful wonders of nature, 

Listen to my favorite music,

Pet a kitten or puppy, soak in a bubble bath,

I understand, Pleasure can be found in the most simple gestures!!


By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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Never stop running, and never stop trying.


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