Resources are limited, share them- Think, Act & Win

There are limited resources in the world,

And they are not distributed to each person equally,

Therefore there will be some that will have significantly more,

Than so many others.


resources 1


It is always pleasing to see those with more,

Helping the ones with less,

And even more so when the ones with little,

Still extend kindness to those who have less still.


resources 2


But be wise in your kindness to others,

For careless giving will soon leave you with none,

And you may not be so lucky,

As to receive the same kindness you had shown,

When you had plenty.

So give, after assessing the genuineness.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


More from, the complete site for children.


No one is ever alone in any accomplishment.

Life is like a flowing river of opportunities…

Don’t be fooled by the calendar.

Real friends are as rare as black diamonds.

Branch out like a banyan tree.




  1. By Sebin Paul


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