Release the champion inside and claim victory.

Inside of everyone is a champion waiting to be born:

You already have the knowledge because you were made with a brain,

You have the strength because you are able to stand,

You have the vision, for you were born with eyes,

You have the wisdom, for you are able to think,

You have the skill, in the palm of your hands,

You have the power to move mountains with your mind,

You have the gift, because you live in the present.


champion 2


The only thing that can defeat you is you;

Nothing besides you can hold you down,

So release the champion, let the race begin,

And claim the victory that is already yours!, the complete site for children.

Bring out the leader in children by making them inquire, innovate and be creative.


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The world is full of judges, who dread judgement.

Choose the battles with just causes for a fight.

Apology should be with an intention not to repeat the behaviour

Let your remarks and wishes be positive always

Don’t be adventurous while take decisions.



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