Regular exercise helps you study better

Youngsters are the future of any nation.  Physically and mentally fit youth is essential for development and progress of any nation. Regular exercise plays a vital role in the well being  of any individual. 

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The need of Regular exercise
Recent studies have revealed that a child in the age group of  8- to 18-years spends on an average  4.5 hours in front of   television and another 3 hours  in front of other  screen media per day. Lack of physical exercise has resulted in doubling the  percentage of overweight and obese kids and teens in the past 30 years.

The benefits of regular exercise
The benefits of exercise can be mainly grouped into three.


1.Better Physical health
Stronger immune system
Stronger muscles and bones
Efficient cardio vascular system
Leaner body by burning of excess body fat
Prevents overweight and obese
Decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Control of blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
More intake of oxygen through flow of blood at greater pace.


2.Better handling of  physical and emotional challenges 
Better memory through improved metabolism of brain. 
Burns off harmful hormones and releases beneficial ones ensuring calmness. 
More confidence, energy and better concentration.
Stronger self esteem
Decreased anxiety and depression 
Good feeling about themselves
Better roles in teams


3.Good  sleep 
When you exercise in the night, the brain gets the message that your body is tired and that ensures sound sleep. A good rest ensures freshness in  the morning to face the day with more enthusiasm. 


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Activities coming under exercise. 
Exercise needs not mean rigorous activities. Children need not spend hours in gym. Even everyday activities in the home like climbing stairs, walking to the store and school etc are also part of exercise. However, it is always better to engage in regular Aerobic exercises  to have better results. Aerobic activities include basketball, bicycling, soccer, karate, tennis, running, jogging etc. 

One hour of such activities per day is sufficient for kids and children. 

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