Real friends are prized possessions.

Vidya and Kajol were the very best of friends. They did everything together and they were always seen doing even chores together. Most persons thought they were sisters because of this. At school they sat and ate together. They had other friends, but they spent most of their time with each other. One day a new girl came to school. She was very pretty, and everyone tried to be nice to her. She had nice things so everyone wanted to play with her. She told them that her name is Rohini.


One day Vidya did not come to school, and Rohini decided that she would play with Kajol. They sat together at lunch and played together during recess. Vidya did not come to school for a whole week because she was ill. All this time Kajol and Rohini stuck together. When Vidya came back to school the following week, she saw that Rohini had a seat next to Kajol’s-the very same seat she always had. Kajol did not say anything to Vidya about it, so Vidya decided she would take another seat. For the remainder of the week she felt like an outsider as the two would be seen together all the time. Vidya asked Kajol about it but she always said that she was just being nice to Rohini because she was new.


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What made it worse was that Rohini did not seem to like Vidya so she felt very uncomfortable sitting with them at lunch, or in class. She found another seat and even started to have her lunch alone. Kajol felt very bad about it but she couldn’t understand why Vidya wouldn’t sit with her. She couldn’t see that she was the one chasing her friend away. One month later, the teacher announced to the class that Rohini would no longer be attending school as she would have to go and live in another part of the city that was too far away for her to attend the school. When she left, Kajol started to feel very alone not having Vidya as company. She went over to her one day at lunch and asked if she could sit with her. Vidya had missed her friend so she said yes. Kajol apologised for treating her so badly and promised never to do it again. She never did.


Real friends are prized possessions; they are valuable and very rare. When you find a good friend, keep him a friend for ever . There are many that will come and go, but real friends can never be separated by time nor space.



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