Present is to be cherished

Life is full of obstacles,

And everything that happens therein,

Is meant to build, not break.


Do not personalise the lessons,

And carry an endless grudge,

Especially towards a friend.

A harsher lesson would be learned,

If you never get that chance to forgive.

Many lessons in life go unlearned,

Because we are too busy holding onto the past.


The present is here to be cherished,

And the future is there to be embraced.

Remember the past for the lessons it teaches,

And then let it go,

For it cannot live in the future.


present 1



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Independence does not mean that you should not ask for help.

All the good you do will come back to you.

I say my prayers when it`s calm.

Don’t doubt others when they say good.

Try loving others to get response



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