Be prepared;Things may change unfavorably-Thought 4 Children

Mother went to town most days to sell items of clothing that she made by hand, or sometimes with the assistance of a sewing machine. She would make children’s clothes and other accessories such as scarves and shawls. Annie would accompany her some of the times, and would help her to sell some of the items. One particular day mother told Annie that if she went with her, she would give her some of the money she made so that she could buy whatever she wanted to.


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Annie got excited about that and right away she got her pencil and her paper and began writing down all the things that she wanted to buy. She wanted a doll she had seen in the store window, ice cream from the parlour and a shiny whistle she had seen a couple of days ago. She was tempted to write more but she couldn’t buy as much with the little money that Mother was going to give her.


On the Saturday morning, the two walked out with bright smiles, holding hands and wares and heading to town. When they got there, mother placed the items on a stall she had rented and got ready to sell. As the day wore on, the two got discouraged because Mother had only sold one piece so far. To make things worse, the sky had darkened, and after a few minutes, it started to rain. They had to pack up the things and take shelter in a store close by. Mother and Annie went back to the stall after the rain had ended, but it was impossible to sell anything anymore because it was now wet.


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With a sad face, the two made their way home. Annie was especially sad for she was looking forward to the things she would buy. Mother could no longer give her any money. Now she was sorry that she had not  waited until she had gotten the money to start spending it. She never expected that things would change unfavourably. 


Be prepared for unexpected changes. Do not count on things until they happen because life has a way of causing things to change.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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