Be prepared for disappointments too.

Mother always baked cookies on Sundays, but sometimes she would bake on Wednesdays as well. Because of this, she would have leftovers by Saturday, but she always prepared a new batch on Sunday as well. Jimmy looked forward to the cookies for he loved them all regardless of what she would bake.



disappointment 3



One Sunday mother baked an extremely large batch of cookies, and to top it off, she baked Jimmy’s favourite chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday. She had some friends over so she had to share some of the cookies she had. By Friday, there weren’t many cookies left. Jimmy was having a ball eating all the cookies that were left so that by Saturday there were only three left. He had them all because he expected more on the Sunday like mother always did.






When he woke up Sunday morning he did not smell the scent of cookies baking. He ran to the kitchen but mother was not  there. He went to her room and only then found out that mother was ill and could not bake at all. She did not feel better all week, and that meant Jimmy did not get any cookies. Mother told him that she was sorry that she did not get to give him his weekly treats but that if he had saved some from all the sets she had done in the last two batches, then he would have still had some when she was unable to make them.


disappointment 4


From then on, Jimmy was careful to leave a few of the cookies until he was sure there would be more.


Disappointments are a normal part of life, but if we are ready for them, then the sting is usually gentler.


By  YesJay


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