Practical jokes should not hurt others-Thought 4 children

Evan used to be friends with Kyle, but not anymore. A few months ago the two were walking home when Kyle decided to play a joke on Evan. He ran ahead of him and pretended that something had happened to him. When Evan came around the corner and saw his friend lying on the ground, he began to cry and call for help. He ran to the village shouting for help, but by the time anyone could go to look, there was Kyle rolling on the ground, dying with laughter. Evan was so frightened he almost fell. Some of the villagers laughed at Evan for falling for a practical joke from Kyle-he was always doing things like that. Evan was so embarrassed he never spoke to Kyle after that.


practical jokes 2


It didn’t matter what Kyle did, he could never get Evan to speak with him again. He would come to his house, tease him, take away his things and did all kinds of things to make him look at him. Evan never fell for it. He just pretended that Kyle did not exist.


One day Kyle did not come to his house. Evan was expecting him to because he always came even though Evan would not talk to him. Evan didn’t think anything of it. Instead, he was glad he didn’t. Several days passed and there was no Kyle so Evan started to wonder about it. He didn’t think to go and visit him because he was still mad at him. Moments later his mother told him that Kyle’s mother had just come calling and that Kyle had been very ill and had to be taken to the hospital. Immediately Evan ran to Kyle’s house to see him before he went to the hospital. He told him that he was sorry for not talking to him when he came to his house all those times. Kyle told him that he was not mad about it because he had been wrong to trick Evan like that. They hugged and soon the ambulance was off.


Kyle came home a few days later and was back to his old self in no time. He and Evan became the best of friends again, and even though Kyle never gave up his practical joking ways, he was careful to not hurt his friend again.


Learn to live and let go. It doesn’t matter how many wrongs a person has done you, it is better to let it go and let the person know how you feel so that you can move on. Be forgiving, but also be careful to consider the feelings of others. What you would not like for you, do not do to anyone else. Ensure that practical jokes never hurt others. 

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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