Pleasure of reading and importance of books.

To study, play or dance, we  need energy. Our body  receive the energy from the food we take. Similarly, to imagine, dream and innovate, our mind also needs energy. The energy for our mind is received from the information we gather. The best way to provide energy to our mind is by reading books and that is the purpose of reading books.


reading and importance of books2


We enjoy the company of our best friends. Good books are good friends capable of guiding and motivating us. Religious books and life stories of great men result in our spiritual growth.   


reading and importance of books


While reading Alice in wonderland, haven’t you felt that you are the Alice in the special world? You also might have become Sherleck Holmes at least once.  The reader forgets his own personality and identifies with the character in the books. A good book helps us to disconnect from the real world and guides us to a different world.   Reading of fictions and novels is a best pastime and nothing is more entertaining than a good book.


Reading helps us to acquire knowledge and information. In the fast changing world, it is necessary that we remain updated. The role of newspapers, periodicals and journals comes here.  Who doesn’t want to win quizzes on general awareness? Who doesn’t want to be part of a serious conversation and get appreciation for one’s general awareness?


reading and importance of books1


Another category, books on travel and adventure, helps us to travel across the world and have adventures. It infuses into us the spirit of adventure and fearlessness.  


Great writers are admired world over. Their writings give their best in their books. What else can be better than being in the company of great men? That is the real pleasure of reading.  

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