Playing dangerously causes more harm than good.

Playing dangerously has a certain appeal;

It adds flavour to experiences,

And the excitement it brings is memorable.

But there are limits to danger:


dangerously 1


There may be times when the results of playing dangerously,

Tend to cause more harm than good,

When the lessons to be learned are often lost,

In the misery that follows.




Be careful with the games you play,

Especially when they involve others,

For you may not get a chance,

To cast that die again!

By  YesJay


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Maintain individuality, but learn to work in a team.

If you never spent a dime, what is the beauty of being wealthy?

Know where you are going;else you may get lost.

Even failure is victory, if the lesson is learnt.

Become great by acquiring knowledge- All That Matters



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