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Rory was always having fun at everyone’s expense. He always wanted to play, even when it wasn’t play time, or even if it was, when other children did not want to play with him. He would run by them and take their things, hit them on the ears, hide their lunch bags and all sorts of mischief. He was always told that he should stop messing with everyone because one day it would backfire, but he never listened.


One day a new child came to school, and right away everyone knew that he was going to be a bully. On the very first day he was already bossing the other kids around and calling them names. They were told that he moved a lot because of it. Rory did not care that he was a bully; he still created the same mischief he always did. At lunch, he hid his backpack when he wasn’t looking. When Fred the bully came back and saw that it was gone he began terrorizing everyone, until he was told that Rory was the one who had hidden it. He stormed after Rory and when he caught him, he held him by the collar and threatened to hang him on the tree if he didn’t return his bag. Rory was so scared he ran off and got the bag from where it was hidden and gave it back to Fred.


personality 2


The other days that he was at school, Rory did not create as much mischief as he used to. The other children were very glad about that, even though it meant that Fred was not bullying them around. They began to miss Rory’s mischief because at least he was just playing; Fred was taking their things and ordering them around. They were very happy when they were told that Fred would have to move again. When he was gone, they expected Rory to continue with what he was always doing. But Rory had learned his lesson, so he was more careful now about what he did to whom.


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 Everyone has different personalities, and so like different things. Be careful to treat everyone in a way that agrees with their personality; everyone cannot be treated in exactly the same way.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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