One lie leads to more lies- Thought 4 Children

Whenever Mother left the house, she would always tell Joshua to remain inside until she got back. He always had chores to do, so she knew he would be busy until she got back. Furthermore, she was never too far away, but she would always hurry back. One day she went out to run an errand; she told Joshua that father would soon be home so he should stay indoors until one of them returned.


As soon as mother closed the gate behind her, Joshua stopped doing his chores and started running outside to go and play with his friends. In his hurry, he ran too close to the cupboard and bounced his shoulder into the corner of it. In so doing, one of mother’s favourite crystal vase fell and broke. Joshua was so frightened he froze. He hastily cleaned up all the broken pieces so that mother would not know it was broken. He tossed the pieces into the trash and went about doing his chores. He was so worried now he could hardly think to play anymore.



lie 4



When Mother came back she was proud to see Joshua busy at his chores. She looked up almost instinctively and asked him if he had seen her vase. He lied and told her that he hadn’t. Right away Mother went into kitchen to make dinner, but was about to throw out the trash when Joshua rushed in and asked to do it instead. She asked him why he wanted to, and he again lied and told her that he just wanted to help her. He emptied the trash and was returning when a piece of glass he had missed cut him on his foot. He whimpered and kept walking but mother had noticed. She asked him what was the matter, but he told her it was just a prick he got when he went outside. Mother knew better so she came over to look. She realised it was not  a prick when saw the piece of splinter in his foot. She realised he was lying and asked him what really happened. He started crying and then confessed to her.



lie 6



She told him that she was upset that he broke her vase, but she was even more disappointed that he had lied about it. He told her he was sorry, and promised to never lie to her again.


It is easy to get entangled in the web of lies we weave; always try to be honest because when you tell one lie, you will be forced to tell more to cover it up.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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