No one can make you feel inferior, unless you allow.


People will always exist who believe themselves,

Loftier than the rest of us.

They will walk around as proud as peacocks,

Expecting all to kneel and bow as they pass.



inferior 2



But it doesn’t matter how many material things you possess,

Or how much you don’t,

Because no one can make you feel inferior,

If you don’t allow it.



inferior 1



Money doesn’t make a better person,

And having a lot more money than me,

In no way makes your life more special or meaningful,

Than mine, whether I am poor or wealthy as well.



inferior 3



Character goes deep, and it isn’t carved from dollars and cents,

But from a clean and pure heart and a willingness

To live in harmony with God and man.


Never feel inferior to anybody. 

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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