Not everyone in need has a brick

A successful young man was driving his new car through the poorest part of a town, the route whcih he had driven hundreds of times before on his way home.

That evening he saw a young boy trying to flag him down.

The man was in a hurry and as he didn`t want to get involved, he pretended like not seeing him.

he traffic signal turned red, though.

As he slowed for it, he heard a loud thud.

The boy had thrown a brick at his car!

The man burst out of the car and grabbed the boy. `You dirty boy!` he screamed. `You`ll pay for this or go to jail!`

`I`m extremely sorry, sir,` the boy cried. `My mom`s lying on the floor in our house. I think she`s dying! I`ve been trying to get someone to stop…and I didn`t know what else to do! Take me to jail, but call a doctor for my mom first.`

The man was filled with shame.

`I`m a doctor,` he said. `Where is she?`

The grateful boy took him to his shabby looking hut.

The man administered an emergency injection and called an ambulance.

`Will she live?` the boy sobbed.

`Yes, son, she will,` the doctor said.

`Then it`s worth going to jail. I`m so sorry I hit your big car. You can take me now.`

`You`re not going anywhere,` the doctor said. `It was my fault.. you had to throw the brick to get my attention.`

The doctor made sure the boy was taken care of, and as he drove home he resolved not to fix the dent.

He would keep it as a reminder that not everyone in need has a brick to throw.

Let us never wait for a brick to get the attention of the needy….!


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