Never waste your marbles for what you are not sure of.

It was that time of the year when school was out and all the kids got the chance to run around all day playing cricket, baseball, hide and go seek, and now marbles. Ever since some kid came to school with marbles, everyone wanted them. Some of the children would save their allowances so they could buy some of the marbles. There were all sorts of colours and everyone had their eyes set on a special few. The older kid who said his name was Samuel told them that there was a way for them to each get a chance to get the special few-all they had to do was play for them.






Michael had already gotten one of the special ones, but he wanted more.He was sure of getting more. Samuel told them that they should form a circle in the dirt and place all their marbles in it, and he would place the special ones he had left in the middle. Each child would keep one marble and would toss it at the other marbles in the circle; they were allowed to keep whatever marbles they could knock out of the circle. Michael looked at the special marble he had and thought that it would be better if he just kept the one he had, but then he looked at the other five special ones and figured he would be able to knock some out, so he tossed in his entire lot and they all began.



sure 2


It was not long before they realised the game was not as easy as it had sounded. Try as they might they could not get any of the special marbles-they kept knocking out the ordinary ones. After a lengthy game, all the marbles were gone and Michael was left standing with three ordinary marbles alone-he had not gotten any other special marbles and he had lost his special marble as well. He tried to bargain with the other kids but no one would trade him or sell him any. He finally had to settle for what he was left with.



sure 3



Never give up what you are sure of, for something you cannot be sure of.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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