Never stop running, and never stop trying.

We are perhaps all familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare,

How the tortoise had won the race because the hare had fallen asleep.


It is the same in life;

It doesn’t matter how fast you are, or how brilliant,

The only thing that matters is the end result.


never stop trying-attemptNwin


You cannot lose in the race of life,

Unless you stop living.


Sometimes it all boils down to humility-

Not because you are the quickest,

Means you are the most valuable, or likely to win.


never stop trying 2-attemptNwin


Obstacles are sometimes in the way that you have to overcome

In order to continue.

Other times you may feel the need to stop and rest because you are ahead,

But always remember, that when you stop,

The tortoise will slowly be catching up to you.


Never stop running, and never stop trying,

And you will never have to worry about winning,

Because you would have already won,

Even before you had begun.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart

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