Never skip school;whatever be the short term challenges

Shara did not like the way the other girls treated her at school, just because she did not  have as much as they had. They would turn their noses up at her, and when she walked too close to them they would pretend as if they smelled something awful and hold their noses and run away. This would often times make Shara cry, and she felt very sad that she did not have any friends. Some of the other girls who would want to be her friend did not  dare try, because they did not  want to receive the same treatment Shara did.


school 1


This behaviour continued for some time, and eventually Shara started to skip school. She would leave out every day and would then go sit by the river, or in the orchard that was some distance from home until school was out. Then she would go home. One day she went home to find her Mother sitting on the porch waiting for her. Apparently the teacher had given her a call to inform her that Shara had not been to school in days. She had not received a letter stating she was ill or for any other reason so she was not sure why she was absent. Shara’s mother was shocked because she was the one who had gotten her ready for school every morning.


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When she asked Shara why she was not going to school, she started to cry. She told her mother that the other children at school kept teasing her because she didn’t look like them, or have the fancy things they did. She felt uncomfortable around them so she just stopped going to school. Mother’s eyes watered when she spoke, and she then held her daughter and told her to ignore the words of foolish children. She cannot lose her education because of the silly things other children did, and no matter how many things they had, it did not determine their character. So she was not to feel terrible, because she was beautiful and special anyway. Shara smiled and hugged her mother.


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She went to school the day after that, and no matter what anyone had to say after that, Shara kept hearing the words of her mother, and the children did not bother her any more.


No one is above you, unless you place yourself below them.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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Always save on the days you have plenty.

If you cannot do a better job, stop pointing out flaws of others.

Be careful of our envy.

If you expect goodness, give it to others first.

Misbehaving may land you in trouble.


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