You never know how strong you are until challenged.

Leroy was not one of the biggest boys in the class, nor was he the smartest. I guess you could say that he was an average person. Each day that he went out to the playground he would try to swing on the monkey bars, but for some reason he was always slipping. He would try over and over again but it never seemed to work; he kept slipping all the time. The other boys would laugh at him and tell him that was a game for strong boys and his arms were too short and weak. Leroy didn’t think that was the problem, so he kept trying, but it was of no use.


strong 1


Sometimes he would dream of ways to help to stay on the bars for longer periods. Once he wore socks on his hands, but not even that would work and it only made the other boys laugh at him more. He decided then that he would give up and go play with the tyres or the slide or anything else that didn’t embarrass him. But even from across the field, he would dream of the day when he could make the entire distance and not fall, but he dared not try now.


strong 2


Soon it was time for the annual school sports day. The students were placed on different teams at the start of the year, and this year, to make things interesting; they would pull from a bag the event that they would compete in. This year, Leroy chose the monkey bars and he slapped his hands over his face in dismay. There was no way he could win that one. When the other teammates saw what he had chosen, they were shocked too. And as it turned out, that was the last event of the day.


strong 4


By the time that came around, Leroy’s team was in second place and only full points from the monkey bars could make them win. Leroy was sweating by this but he would give it his best shot. When the race started, he slowly placed one hand in front of the other, keeping his eyes on the scoreboard. He had made it half way when he heard his team mates cheering him on. He kept going until he was at the end and when he jumped down, his team members ran to him and lifted him in the air.


You never know how strong you can be until being strong is the only thing to do.


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