Never give up on your dreams- Thought 4 Children

There was a music festival coming up and everyone from everywhere was invited to attend. There would be singing, dancing and the playing of instruments. Any one, young or old, could perform if they wanted to-all they had to do was sign up. But there was something very different about this festival. There would be agents there willing to award scholarships to anyone who wanted to become professional singers, dancers or musicians.


Kimora had always wanted to become a ballerina ever since she was about three years old. When she heard about the festival, and the fact that she could get a scholarship to attend a real ballerina school, she was very excited. Her parents had been giving her ballet lessons so she was getting really good at it. Now, she practised her routine every day in preparation for the festival, and she was getting better at it too. She practised so hard she even got sick, and even then, she still did not stop.




On the day of the festival, Kimora was nervous. When it came her turn, she walked proudly onto the stage. While she was going she tripped because she was so nervous. She thought of going back but then she remembered the agents. She got back up and waited for her cue to begin. As soon as the music started she danced gracefully across the stage, twirling and jumping around, until finally she was done. She got a huge round of applause as she curtsied and walked off. She watched the other performances and waited for the moment the agents would select their preferences. When they did, she did not hear her name.


She was so disappointed, she almost cried. Her parents tried to cheer her up, but it was no use. She was sad for the entire weekend. She had ballet classes after school and she thought of not going, but she still wanted to be a ballerina so she went. One day she went to school and received a letter from her teacher to take home to her parents. She wondered what was wrong, but when her mother opened the letter, she seemed surprised. Kimora ran over to read what was in the letter and saw that one of the agents had seen her perform and was offering her a scholarship. Kimora skipped around the room and then hugged her Mother. She was going to become a ballerina.


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Never give up on your dreams, even when it seems like things are not going your way. If you persevere, you will get there! Your dreams will come true.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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