Never burn bridges; you may need it again.

Aaron had a red fire truck that he loved very dearly. Everywhere that he went, he would be seen with his red truck, making all kinds of fire truck noises. Some of the times he would even attempt to take it to school, but mother would always catch him, mainly because she searched him before he left the house. She would tell him that if he took it to school, then other children would want to play with it as well, and would not do their work, and neither would he. Besides, the teacher would take it from him and he may never see his truck again.



burn 1



Every day that he came from school he would go straight away into his room and begin playing with his red truck. One day his uncle came to visit and brought him a brand new remote control car. Aaron was so excited he began playing with it right away and forgot about his red fire truck. He loved the fact that he did not have to push this car around so he was very happy with his present.


One morning the remote did not  work, and he had to start pushing the car as well. But it was smaller so he could not  push it as comfortably as he would like to. Then he remembered his red truck and he went back to his toy chest and took it out. Pretty soon he could be seen all over the house and yard once more, making fire truck noises. When mother asked what had happened to the car, he told her the remote was broken. Now he was very glad that he had kept his fire truck all along.


burn 3


Never burn your bridges behind you because you never know when you might need to use it again.

By  YesJai


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