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Even at the top of the world, litterbugs can be found and now the government of Nepal is forcing the climbers to clean up the mess they tend to leave behind along the trail to Mt. Everest. That’s a shame! Climbers are being asked to each take down at least eighteen pounds of garbage on their return trip; this quantity represents what each climber is liable to leave along the trail. This is an attempt to get each person to dispose of their own garbage; if you took it up, then it is your duty to bring it back down.


Mt. Everest; clean up the mess1


Naturally, climbers want to make the climb a lot easier with lighter loads so when they make it to the top, they would have left cans, tents and all kinds of equipment behind, not bothering to pick them back up. Who was supposed to clean up that mess? Last year these climbers were forced to remove over four thousand tons of trash from the trails. Whew! Now that’s a lot of garbage.


Mt. Everest; clean up the mess2


This new rule came into effect only in  April of this year. How it works is that a camp is based at the foot of the mountain. Once climbers check in they are asked to make a deposit and their luggage checked. When they return they are searched to ensure they have returned with their eighteen pounds of garbage. If they have,  then they are refunded their deposit; however if they do not, then their money is kept and they will be barred from climbing the Everest in the future.


The overall aim of this is to ensure that Mount Everest,  that much closer to heaven loose its title of  ‘the world’s highest garbage dump’. For an attraction so popular, it deserves more respect from its admirers. This rule, should it be successful, will be applied to other mountains as well, but this should have never been a forced one. Let’s help Mother Nature to keep Mt. Everest clean.


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