Money doesn’t make you a better person

Money does not make the world go around,

It might make the ride somewhat easier,

But it cannot compensate for the finer things,

That no amount of money can buy.

Having money doesn’t make you a better person,

It doesn’t add to your character,

It in no way enhances the value of your life.

Money is the one way mirror we look through,

Seeing only the gold and the rubies,

Not seeing the broken and fallen and needy.

Don’t be a slave to the temptress that it is,

And lose yourself in the process;

There is nothing wrong with having money,

But there is a lot wrong with money having you.


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Majority in number does not always mean right.

Leadership is doing what is right even under pressure.

Always be kind, and it will come back to you

Forgiveness is greater than revenge

Don`t quit, Keep on playing…


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