Love and appreciate your own company.

Carmen had many dolls, and whenever anyone would walk by her house, she could be seen in the front yard, by herself, playing with her dolls. Some of the times she could be seen with one other girl, but most times, it was just Carmen. Her parents would take her to parties that she would get invited to, to the park and she would always have a good time. But she was a contented little girl, who didn’t ask for much, and was very happy.


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Some of the times her parents would wonder if she was alright when they would see her sitting and playing with her dolls. But she always seemed fine so they left her alone. Whenever she was at school, she would sit with some of the girls in her class during lunch. One day when she tried to sit with them, they told her that she could not stay there anymore. When she asked them why, they told her that she never invited them to play with her so she should not sit with them. She told them that were alright, and she walked off and sat by a desk where two other children were sitting. When she went back to class, the same girls insisted they would not loan her anything or share their books with her. Carmen was getting a little frustrated with this so she told them that if they want, they can come to her house to play, whenever they felt like it. They all seemed to feel better about this.



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Even though Carmen told them they could come to her house to play, she really didn’t need the company. She preferred to play by herself. When they did come over, she would play with them, and they would have fun, but when they were gone, it was easier for Carmen to be herself and enjoy doing things the way she wanted.


You have to love yourself and be comfortable with being by yourself. If you can’t love and appreciate your own company, who will? However, we are living in a society and ability work in a team is essential for our survival. Hence have a balanced approach.

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Follow the instincts and make right decisions.

We all are equal in our maker’s eyes.

Be careful not to unleash the wolf in the lamb.

There is always a better tomorrow.

Failure is an indication that you are trying.




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