Listen when critics speak

Have you ever stopped to think how much you know about yourself? There are many things I don’t think I know for sure about myself. May be true for you too.   I don’t know if I would go horseback riding, parasailing, or deep sea diving (well, I wouldn’t do that last one). There are many situations that I have not yet been placed in that makes it hard for me to determine whether I would do them or not. Sure, you will know a lot of things about yourself, like the fact that you like the colour green, or you like to eat ice cream or that you dislike being lied to. You can also be sure that you would never betray a friend, but are you really sure about that? Have you ever been placed in a situation where it is either betraying your friend, or getting something you want more? Until you get there, you won’t know for sure what you would do.


Of course, there are many who will be quick to point all of the things that you are not; these persons are called critics and they normally represent something negative for most persons. As for me, I love critics because they always, (well most times when they aren’t just trying to be a nuisance) tell the truth. A critic walks around exercising their right to point out mistakes and flaws in others. Now, some persons may be offended when they tell you that you are not a good friend because you didn’t share your lunch, or that you are overly sensitive, or that you are not a good listener, or whatever they feel is most necessary in the conversation. When a critic talks, I always think that is a good time to listen.


Listen when critics speak


Sometimes we are not aware of how we react to others and to situations, and our friends may not be so bold as to tell us outright, just to spare our feelings. We must be aware of the fact that we do not know everything about ourselves, and there will be times when this will be told to us at one point or another. It may especially be true if more than one critic points out that you are too irritable, even when you don’t think so. Be open to learning about yourself, and appreciate the ones, even if they are critics, when they teach you about yourself. You may feel hurt when you hear the truth sometimes, but the learning process is often times difficult to intake. Do not be too proud to admit when you are wrong, or when a critic is right. 



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