Listen to the counsel of elders.

Rohini lived by observation; for whatever reason, she did not do anything unless she saw anyone do it first. She was always told that was a bad habit for she could easily be led astray that way, but she insisted on doing that. Her parents had great difficulty in teaching her anything because she would always copy them, and some of the times they were not able to do the things they told her to.



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For instance, they would give her a tin pan and tell her to save money, and they would give her change to drop in, but because she did not  see her parents doing it, she did not  either. Even though they told her they saved with the bank she did not believe. If they told her to eat less sugar, and not to eat so much cake and sweets, that would mean that Mother could not be seen doing the same.


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What that means is that her parents, and anyone who wanted to teach her anything would have to be doing the same, and even thought that was always difficult to do, they knew they had to try. One day Mother deliberately told her to not eat any more cookies or it would cause her stomach to hurt, but mother kept on eating them. She knew she would keep sneaking them out of the jar but she let her. And the more mother ate, the more Rohini did, until eventually she started complaining of a tummy ache.


Mother gave her some herbal tea, and after a while she was feeling much better. The next day, mother started eating cookies again, and told her not to eat as much as she did before or she would be sick again. Mother was surprised when Rohini refused to take any, even though she was still eating some. It was then that Mother knew she had learnt her lesson, or was well on her way in any case.


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It is wise to listen to the counsel of others because we do not  always have to experience some things for ourselves to believe. Even though children live what they learn, they will have to think for themselves at times.

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