Let your remarks and wishes be positive always

Jonathan never seemed to be able to feel happy for anyone. Each time that anyone accomplished something good, he would always have some bad remarks to make. It was either that he was not able to do them for himself at all, or he was just a poor sport. Not only were his remarks negative, but they were always wishing bad deeds on other persons. He would joke that next time they will break their leg, or that the barrel would tumble down on them, or they would get wet. No one liked when he was around, because he always killed the fun.


remark 4


One day at lunch the children were having fun rolling around in the barrel on the playground, and hopping over the tyres they would often use at obstacle races. Jonathan wanted a turn since it looked so fun, but the other children were not allowing him to because he would be sure to say nasty things. He tried his best to be silent, and when they were sure that he would not say anything, they let him play.


He hurried to where the other children were playing with the barrel. As he tried to get in, he got stuck with another child who was trying to get out. The barrel turned over and fell on the side Jonathan was on and hit him hard. It rolled along quickly, by this time making both boys dizzy, and did not  stop until it fell into the garden. The water hose was on and the barrel landed right in front of it, sending water all the way into the barrel. The gardener came along right away and had to rescue them.


remark 3


All the other children had chased the barrel to the garden, and were now laughing so hard at Jonathan, he almost cried. He got out and held his head down, and he could say not a word when they now teased him.


remark 5


Be careful that the wrongs you wish upon others will not come around to bite you.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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