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Marcus was greedy and always wanted to have more. He was never truly satisfied with what he had and he would keep complaining about it. Whenever he was home and his mother prepared the meals for him and his other siblings, he would complain about who got more, or whose slice of cake was bigger. He would even talk about being the last to get served, or he always got the seat closer to the door so that his food got colder faster than everyone else’s. There was just no way that he could be pleased. His parents got frustrated at him constant whining, and so did his siblings and everyone who knew him.


At school he would do the same thing. If the teacher asks that he answer a question, he would complain that she was always picking on him, and when she didn’t, he would say she didn’t ask. In no way could anyone please him, so people just started ignoring him. He would never get what he wanted because no one cared about it.


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One day Marcus was at school and when it was time for lunch he joined the line as usual. He ordered what he wanted, but when he got it, he started complaining right away that the meat didn’t smell fresh. The lunch lady rolled her eyes and called for the next person in line. Marcus went to his desk and began eating the meal. Once again he started whining that the food tasted funny, but no one paid him any attention. Soon he started to hold his tummy and complain that it was hurting. Every one ignored him until a teacher passed by and saw how green he looked in the face. Before she could ask what the matter was, Marcus fell over. He had to be rushed to the nurse’s station. Soon many other children came as well for the same symptoms. They had all gotten food poisoning because the meat was old and had bacteria in it. They were given medicine and had to be taken to the hospital.


As it turned out, Marcus was right for once, but no one had stopped to listen.


Learn to satisfy with what you have and not complain too much, otherwise even when you are serious, no one will listen to you.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart

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Do good today to ensure happiness for tomorrow.

Each new day is a gift to us

Real friends are as rare as black diamonds.

There has to be a balance in everything we do.

We miss beauties of life by looking for faults.



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