Learn from mistakes

Hans loved to climb trees, and swing from vines, dangle from ropes and jump from high places. His mother would always call to him to stop or one day he was going to hurt himself. Hans never listened to mother and kept doing all these dangerous things. One day Hans fell from the tree and broke his arm. He had to be taken to the doctor and he got a cast over it. Mother was sad because she had been warning him to stop playing so dangerously. When his friends came over, Hans let them draw on his cast and he felt that it was awesome having a cast.


As soon as the cast was off, he went back to playing dangerously. Mother talked to him and punished him, but that did not make a difference. She was not always where he was, so he got to play as he liked then. One day the teacher called Hans’ mother and told her that he had been cart wheeling on the playground when he sprained his ankle. He had to be taken to the doctor once more to get yet another cast on his ankle this time. He could not run and play for a while and this made Hans miserable. Mother was shocked that instead of being concerned with his injury Hans was thinking instead about how much fun he wasn’t having.




As soon as his ankle was healed Mother caught him jumping continuously from the back steps. She called to him to stop, but he just wouldn’t. She came around to the steps just in time to catch him from falling. She held him and told him that one of these days he was going to hurt himself so bad he would not be able to play again. As soon as Mother left, he began jumping again. This time he slipped and fell on his side. Mother heard him cry out and rushed to him. He seemed hurt and in pain. She started crying and took him to the doctor. The doctor told her he had broken his hip and that he would have to stay in a wheelchair now.


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Hans was very sad to hear this. He started crying, but he knew that if he had listened to Mother and had been more careful, he would still be able to play.


Accept the lessons life teaches. It makes no sense to keep doing the same things that will lead to the same results. In order to grow, you have to learn from your mistakes and try something differently.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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