Learn to make decisions.

Every time that Priya wanted to do something she would ask someone about it first. She was always careful to do that because she did not  want to make a mistake. If she was going to the store, she would ask Mother what clothes to wear. If she felt hungry, she would ask what food she could eat. When she was at school, she would ask her friends what to get for lunch or where to sit. She never made a decision for herself.


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Whenever she asked for anyone’s help, they would give her bad choices some of the times. If she didn’t like how the food tasted at lunch, then she would blame the person who had told her to get that. If the seat she got was too hard, or too much in the sunlight, then she would blame them for that too. Priya’s friends got tired of her blaming them all the time, even though she couldn’t make a decision for herself. One day they decided that they would play a trick on her so she would learn. They decided that they were going to make all bad decisions for her and see how much she would complain about before she started making up her own mind.


The next day at lunch, they chose the food they knew tasted badly-it almost made Priya throw up. After school they went shopping, and they told her to choose an ugly pair of shoes because it was comfortable. When Priya tried to walk, she fell to the floor because she shoes started squeezing her toes. When they were going home, they let her take the wrong bus home. She almost got lost. It was a good thing the driver recognised her. It made her sad to think that her friends treated her that way. When she got to school the following day, she went and sat at the back of the class, and at lunch, she chose the food that she thought she might like. Her friends came over and told her that they were proud of her for finally starting to decide things for herself. They are still friends, and Priya would ask their opinions every now and again. But that was alright.


Learn to make decisions for yourself and stand by them. It does not matter if it is a bad one sometimes; the point is that it is your decision. While it is alright to ask opinions, never rely on the words of others at all times.


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