Leadership is doing what is right even under pressure.

The class teacher realised that every time she left the classroom, the children would start to make noise and misbehave. She had to find a way for them to keep calm while she was away. Sometimes she would leave class work for them to complete while she was away, but when she got back, the work was never completed, and the class would be a mess. She realised that not everyone was misbehaving though, so she came up with another plan.


She told the class one day that she would be assigning a class monitor; every week she would leave someone different in charge of the class while she was away. No one seemed to like this idea for that meant they could not misbehave as before. The teacher was happy that they did not like this idea for it also meant that it could work.


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The very next day the teacher asked Navin to be the class monitor for the week. Navin was one of the most undisciplined children in the class. When the teacher left the class, he allowed the children to do what they wanted, but he would keep watch so as soon as the teacher appeared he would tell the class to be quiet. Teacher thought that it was working but she noticed the class work was not being done. She was not sure what was happening.


The next week she asked Amar to be the class monitor. Amar was the opposite of Navin. He did his class work all the times and was very quiet. Whenever the teacher left the class, she realised that when she got back the children had actually done or were doing their work. Amar made sure to tell the teacher who were misbehaving. No one wanted to be punished so they kept quiet. They didn’t like Amar because of that, and they would call him ‘teachers’ pet’ and throw paper at him whenever school was dismissed. This didn’t change the way Amar behaved. Whenever he was the class monitor, he did what he was supposed to. Soon the teacher made Amar the permanent class monitor because he was doing a very good job.




Leadership doesn’t mean you give the people what they want. Leadership is doing what is right and giving the people what they need even if they don’t like you for it.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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