What did Lammily say to Barbie when they met first?

“Congrats Barbie for retaining stardom for  55 years. Now, please move over.  I am born to represent an average young woman with realistic proportions”. These would have been the greeting words of their first meeting, if  Lammily could speak to Barbie.  

Lammily 1

Lammily may probably prove true, if the initial responses of children are taken into account. According to the kids, Lammily resembles their elder sisters and aunties. Lammily comes with a pack that provides possibility of adding scars, stretch marks, freckles, tattoos and even mosquito bites. She can be given glasses and dirt stains too. Yes, Lammily is a true representative of a real girl. 

Lammily doll, an anti –Barbie doll, is the new competitor to Barbie doll. Barbie doll by Mattel Inc. has been occupying an enviable position in the hearts its target segment, kids and children, without major competition since 1955. Despite this attachment, she has been criticized that she represents super model structure. If constructed to a 19 year old, Babrie doll would have an unrealistic 36-18-33 measurement, with a BMI of 16.24 and 110 lbs weight. The average proportions of a 19 year old girl are 32-31-33, and the healthy BMI falls in 18.5-24.9 bracket. 

Lammily is the result  of the initiatives and researches of   Nickolay Lamm to create a normal 19 year old young woman of real proportions. Lamm is a 26 year old young artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He worked out the average proportions of a young lady  based on the data from Centre for Disease Controls. After making the prototype, he succeeded in mobilizing $1,00,000 in one day and $ 5,00,000 in 30 days through crowd funding. The name Lammily comes from ‘Lamm’, the name of the artist and ‘family’. In fact, Lammily is the name of the company and not that of the doll. The message what the artist  wants to convey is, “Not your looks what you does matter”.  The company may realese a boy doll indue course. 

(Pictures from Lammily.com)

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