You are known does not mean you are liked.

It was never an ordinary day when someone was not screaming at Alex to behave, and what made it worse was that he would always apologise for making a mess, or for getting into trouble. When he rolled out his eyes, and turned his head upwards in a most pathetic way, it was hard for anyone not to forgive him. Soon after, you could be sure to hear others calling out his name. It seemed mischief followed him wherever he went, and that he liked the company.


known 1


When he was at school, it was no different; everyone knew Alex, including the teachers, the principal and most of the parents. How could they not know Alex? He was always running down the halls so he would always get the janitor into a fit especially when he had only just finished wiping the floors. He would crash into others as they removed their books from the lockers, or spill juice at lunch when he bounced into tables as he charged by. He never failed to say sorry, but he never stopped.


known 2



One day one of the girls in his class told everyone that she was having a birthday party and she handed out the invitations for all the children she wanted to attend. Alex was sure he would get one, but he did not. He was disappointed when she walked by him and did not  leave a letter. He asked her about it and she told him that she did not  want him at her party to ruin it. When it came the day for the party, Alex was sad, and when his parents asked him why, he told them that it was because he was not going to the party.


known 3


They told him that if he were less of a nuisance he would be going, and he should try to be less so, and that way he would be liked by more persons.


You  are known does not  mean you are liked. It is pointless to keep making a mess and then apologising.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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