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Tupperware containers find place in almost every household. It was a person by name Earl Tupper who was the first to surprise the world with the thought that ‘plastics too can withstand almost anything’. In the year 1947, he designed containers out of plastic and named them Tupperware. 



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Tupperware is a kind of plastic. Plastics are made of carbon derived from oil. The basic unit from which plastics are made is called monomer. Organic compounds like ethylene and propylene obtained from crude oil normally make up the monomer. Large molecules made of repeating units of the monomers (smaller molecules) are chemically bound together to form a polymer. All plastics are polymers. 



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Plastics are divided into two major categories – thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermosets are used in aircraft parts, auto parts and tires while thermoplastics are used in making packaging containers. Tupperware belongs to the class of thermo plastics and are plastics made from polyethylene which are resistant to corrosion, leaks, breakage. Hence polyethylene was found to be an ideal food storage material. 



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Plastics made of low density polyethylene referred to as LDPE and polypropylene (PP) were found to be the safest types of plastics for repeated use in storing food items. Most Tupperware products are today made of LDPE or PP and are not intended for recycling.



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Though it is widely accepted everywhere, there is still a fear in the minds of people as to whether the container releases chemicals into the food stored. 


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